Reeve Sims

Reeve Sims is a business providing independent financial advise. This calls for a lot of data to be stored and manipulated, along with a need for the communication and information systems required by every business.

Reeve-Sims previously used multiple “off-the-shelf” software solutions that offered little scope for personalisation. This meant they only used around 20% of the functionality, they were duplicating data input and were unable to access this information remotely.

We installed Microsoft CRM and SharePoint, giving Reeve Sims full access to their data and systems through their mobile devices. So they could work wherever they liked, making them faster and more efficient. This meant hosting all their data and systems on our cloud servers, removing the need for constant maintenance and support on their part.

The change has meant working around their needs, rather than the needs of their software. Reeve Sims also told us they felt secure in knowing where their data was hosted, as many cloud suppliers store data outside of the UK.

Our cloud servers are all within the UK.

“The increase in efficiency Acuutech provided was just what we were looking for. I’d thoroughly recommend them.”

– Reeve Sims