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Azure Arc | Acuutech Cloud Solutions
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Azure ARC

Acuutech Enabled Services


Faced with an ever-growing sprawl of resources spread across multiple datacentres, clouds and edge locations, more businesses are looking for a way to inventorise, organise and govern their IT resources from a central location. Azure Arc can help.

What is Azure Arc?

Azure Arc addresses this growing problem, delivering a set of innovative technologies that enables Azure services to run across on-premise, multi-cloud and edge. This extends Azure services and management to any infrastructure, accelerating innovation across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Azure Arc is a software solution that enables you to project your on-premises and multi-cloud resources into Azure Resource Manager. You can project these resources into your Azure subscription for inventory, policy, monitoring and security governance as if they did reside in Azure public cloud, providing a single common control plane for your Azure and on-premise workloads.

What are the benefits?

Simplify management

Speed-up app development and ensure consistent Azure services.

Standardise visibility

Operations and compliance across a wide range of resources and locations.

Build cloud-native apps 

That run anywhere and at any scale.

Get Azure innovation

Cloud benefits by deploying Azure data services on any infrastructure, and securely build and train machine learning models anywhere.

Delegate access

Manage security policies for resources using role-based access control (RBAC) and Azure Lighthouse.

Organise and inventorise assets

Through a variety of Azure scopes, such as management groups, subscriptions, resource groups and tags.

The Acuutech Advantage

Our team of Azure Arc experts have the knowledge and experience to transform your digital infrastructure leveraging the power of Azure Arc.

For over 20 years we’ve been serving customers across the globe, providing state-of-the-art turnkey solutions that allow clients to focus on business, rather than IT systems. Working in partnership with us, you’re guaranteed a quicker time to value, achieving real efficiencies and cost savings with a solution that’s right first time, every time.

We will work with you to complete an assessment of your on-premise physical and virtual workloads, determining whether these are best kept on-premise or moved to the Azure public cloud.

To assist you on your journey to the cloud, we’ve developed an Azure Arc assessment offering in the Azure Market, helping to expedite understanding and adoption of this ground-breaking solution.

Readiness Assessment Activities breakdown

  • Azure Arc overview, typical use cases and best practices
  • Assess and define the best use case of Azure ARC for you
  • Assess and define scope of Azure Arc
  • Determine the best Azure Arc deployment
  • Determine Integration with Azure Policy
  • Determine Integration with Azure Security Centre
  • Determine Integration with Update Management
  • Determine Integration with Azure Monitor

Azure Arc and Azure Resources Pricing Elements

Core Azure Arc capabilities (no additional cost)

  • Organisation and inventory – search, index, group, tags
  • Environments and automation – templates, extensions
  • Access and security – RBAC, subscriptions
  • CRUD operations
  • Azure Policy – VM extensions
  • Update management

Add-on Azure Management services

  • Azure Policy – guest config
  • Azure Monitor
  • Security Centre
  • Azure Sentinel
  • Backup
  • Log Analytics
  • Service Map
  • Application Insights
  • Network Watcher
  • Config and Change Management

Get in touch with one of our Azure Arc experts today to find out how we can transform your digital infrastructure.