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The Acuutech engineering team have years of experience in building complex on-prem and Cloud end-to-end solutions. In the late nineties the team were some of the first pioneers of the technologies and systems, that ultimately formed the concepts that we now call “Cloud computing”. As such we understand the complexities and challenges involved in pulling together the multiple layers within an IT solution.

These challenges go from the hardware through to end-user interaction, and Acuutech understands that each component within the system has a direct effect on the others. For this reason, we don’t silo sub-systems, we evaluate and build solutions as a holistic solution, keeping in mind the key deliverable of an effective and efficient solution that enhances our clients’ businesses.

Acuutech combines its highly advanced, next-generation Cloud services delivery platform, with a trusted direct customer engagement model to deliver turnkey solutions that meet customers’ needs across hosted application and desktop (VDI) services, IaaS, PaaS, DR and hybrid Cloud.

Using the technologies that are the foundation of the Microsoft Cloud OS vision and as part of the Cloud OS Network, Acuutech ushers in a new era of customer centric Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud services.



Our team works in direct partnership with Microsoft engineering and leading OEM’s on future technologies and solutions, helping to define the capabilities and validating our solutions.

This allows us to engage in system design and architecture not only knowing where best of breed technology is today, but also where it will be in the future.


The Acuutech Engineering team has longstanding and extremely close working collaborations with both Microsoft and a range of tier 1 hardware providers. These relationships really do bring something very special to our solutions, both today and tomorrow.

Delivering our customers the very best possible set of services, capabilities and support.


Acuutech’s senior staff and engineering team regularly present at various global events on behalf of Microsoft and tier 1 hardware vendors, on advanced solution and technology design. The team is routinely called upon to provide solution evangelisation and engagement to a range of global public organisations, education facilities and public sector departments, both on a technical and business basis. The Acuutech team are well known and highly regarded as experts in the field of Microsoft solution design and hosting platform engineering – routinely seen as the go-to-organisation to deliver complex and cutting edge solutions from solutions as diverse as high-performance, high-capacity storage to remote desktop connections.


The Cloud OS Network is a global consortium of Cloud service providers who have embraced the Cloud and software defined datacentre vision. As members of the network, Acuutech combines industry-leading Microsoft technology, having had years of hosting and end-to-end solution expertise to provide customers with flexibility and choice in their Cloud and hybrid datacentre solutions.

The Cloud OS network allows Acuutech to demonstrate that it has the skills and capability to deliver customer solutions that meet today’s complex challenges of integrated on-prem, hybrid and Public Cloud systems, whilst clearly differentiating Acuutech as a Cloud OS Network member from other Cloud providers.



Delivering the next generation of solutions


Storage Spaces Direct is the next generation of scale-out file server technology. Based on the concept of “shared nothing” technology, Storage Spaces Direct builds upon the capabilities of scale-out file server and storage spaces to even further drive down operational cost, while significantly increasing deployment flexibility and scale – making it the ideal solution for the smallest 2 node deployments, through to the largest, multi-petabytes systems. Acuutech has been working for a long time with Microsoft on the design and deployment of the software solution and leading hardware providers, Dell, HP and Lenovo, to deliver the best possible integrated hardware and software solution.


A new generation of software defined network capabilities, combining a new management plane – the network controller, that for the first time, provides distributed setup, management and control of the Microsoft software defined networking stack. This is coupled with a broad set of new virtual network services – load-balancing, firewall and network routing that empower tenants to build the type of complex network solutions, traditionally only found in physical network solutions.

All of this, plus support for industry standard VMLAN encapsulation, opening up a world of existing virtual appliances and applications. Acuutech’s engineering team has been instrumental in the capabilities and testing of the Microsoft software defined network stack. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR SOFTWARE DEFINED NETWORK CAPABILITIES.


As a world leader in Windows Server technology solutions, the Acuutech team have been pioneers in designing and deploying end-to-end solutions on the Windows Server 2016 stack. Our own datacentres run Server 2016 solutions encompassing:

  • Storage Spaces Direct.
  • Software defined networking and the network controller.
  • Hyper-V clusters – running NANO server.

Acuutech is also working with a number of organisations around the world, assisting them in designing and evaluating their next generation Server 2016 solutions.


Containers open up the world of ultra light-weight, extremely small application or process specific deployments to the Windows platform. Containerisation technology and Docker management are common in the Linux world and now with support within Windows for both Windows containers, Linux containers and Docker management, multiple instances of applications can be run, consuming as little as 20mb of RAM per instance – allowing much greater deployment and scale density than is possible with traditional VM’s.


NANO is the future of Windows server – NANO server is an ultra small footprint version of Windows server.  Unlike “full” versions of Windows Server, it contains only the codebase required to perform the specific task it is currently operating – Hyper-V host, SoFS node, etc. The net result of this is significantly faster boot up times and critically, a massive reduction in patching and security vulnerability management. The end result? Less vulnerability to attack and datacentres that need much less management or system downtime. Acuutech’s engineering team has been working with the product known as NANO for a long time and already runs several parts of its datacentre on this superb platform.


Shielded VM redefines the tenant, fabric / hoster relationship, providing for the first time, true isolation and protection for the tenant from attack or data threat. With shielded VM, through a combination of software and hardware encryption and validation systems, tenants can take advantage of hosted or outsourced solutions safe in the knowledge that their data or settings cannot be accessed or changed. LEARN MORE ABOUT ACUUTECH’S INDUSTRY LEADING SERVICES THAT PROVIDE SHIELDED VM SUPPORT.


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Cutting edge infrastructure on demand.

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Flexible DR and failover than just works.

Virtual Desktop


Opening up a new world of virtual desktop capabilities.



Cloud power and workflow, within your on-premises systems.