CitySprint’s estate consisted of a variety of operating systems and office applications ranging from Microsoft XP to Windows 8 and Office 2003 to Office 2013. “Acuutech’s skilled deployment team sat down with us, mapped out our requirements and then skilfully deployed the environment in conjunction with Microsoft. The deployment consisted of a two stage approach to initially implement Office 365 in a hybrid mode and then transition us to the Cloud. Microsoft’s Support Team assisted with any design and deployment scenarios or challenges seamlessly.”

The project has successfully delivered a Cloud based solution to 650 staff operating in 37 different locations, with all staff on one platform working in a fully collaborative mode, with Cloud based email, Lync, One Drive and SharePoint fully functional.

The ROI forecast will be 14 months. Tangible quick wins are:

  • Office 365 brings professional “social media style Lync” which allows all staff to know when companions are available and instantly message them.
  • The use of video conferencing via Office365 has reduced the need for traditional based video conferencing by 16%.
  • Inter company calls have reduced from 110,000 per month to 68,000 over the last six months.
  • Presentation via Lync is now standard across all sites.
  • Productivity for homeworkers has increased as the requirement to use Oracle Secure Desktop has reduced with the advent of One Drive as data can be held in the Cloud securely.
  • The ability to BYOD (bring your own device) and use Office365 worldwide has significantly increased productivity as staff are prepared to use their own tablet or laptop, with the company knowing that secure access via Active Directory is maintained.

“CitySprint engaged Acuutech as the partner of choice in the deployment of Office 365 solution as it was clear from the outset that Acuutech understood our objectives and goals in moving to the Cloud. CitySprint would highly recommend Acuutech, for their ability to deliver, understand their client’s goals and help them achieve it.”

– CitySprint