Microsoft Cloud Platform System

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Microsoft Cloud Platform System – powered by Dell

Cloud in a Box

Microsoft Designed, engineered and build Hyper-Scale hosting platform


A converged storage, network, compute and services system built on Dell hardware and Windows Server technology.


Directly installed and supported by Microsoft


Windows Server 2012 R2, System Center 2012 R2, Windows Azure Pack

Microsoft-designed architecture based on Public Cloud learning

Microsoft-led support & orchestrated updates

Optimized run-books for Microsoft applications

Dell PowerEdge servers

Dell dense Storage enclosures

Dell Networking switches

Tightly integrated components


Microsoft-led support & orchestrated updates

Pre-deployed infrastructure

Integrated Management

Switches, load balancer, storage, compute, network

Configure, deploy, patching

Pre-configured as per best practices


N+2 fault tolerant (N+1 networking)

Backup and DR

Hyper-Scale Performance in Every Rack

512 Cores


282 TB usable storage

1360 Gb/s internal connectivity

560 Gb/s inter-rack connectivity

60 Gb/s external

Network designed for perf, scale, reliability

Flat layer 3 physical network with Hyper-V Network Virtualization for tenant networks

10Gbps x 2 connections to host for tenant traffic

10 Gbps x 2 for storage (SMB over RDMA)

40Gb connections to aggregation layers utilizing equal cost multi-path (ECMP)

N + 1

Multiple devices for redundancy

Optimized deployment and operations for Microsoft and other standard workloads


Storage to Meet the Highest of Demands

4 file servers

Available Space

128 GB memory


Tenant: 152 terabytes

3 x pools


Backup: 126 terabytes (+ deduplication)

4 JBOD’s

Storage Spaces configuration


192 HDDs @ 4 terabytes each = 768 terabytes RAW

Tenant: 3-way mirror


48 SSDs @ 800 terabytes each = 38 terabytes RAW

Backup: Dual parity

Tiered storage

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