Deploying the correct Internet access and connection options are a critical component of your overall IT solution strategy – no matter how good your services or Cloud solutions are, if your users cannot access them efficiently and reliably, they will fail to deliver for your business.

Understanding your options is very important and Acuutech are here to help. Acuutech can help you design and build the correct connectivity solution for your business, including multi-site inter-connections, direct feeds into Azure or remote access options for mobile users.




Selecting the correct connection for your office is key and it is not simply a question of which line gives the best headline speed.

There is a myriad of ever evolving connection options and technologies available, each with various advantages or limitations.

This is then combined with potential local availability limitations or negative pricing depending upon your offices location.

Acuutech can provide a fully managed connectivity solution, this solution takes the hassle out of getting your office or multiple offices connected.

As a fully managed solution we will look after you every step of the way, guiding you through the selection of the correct connection option for your requirements, so that that the line can actually meet the needs of the services your users require, selecting and installing the right network equipment (routers and firewalls) and if required, creating the connection and access routes between multiple offices or remote users.

We then provide a full ongoing support package, with proactive maintenance of your line and networking equipment.


Connecting multiple office locations together has been a connectivity requirement for many years. It’s a potentially complex exercise, especially when dealing with locations around the world.

Traditionally, such solutions split into building either full mesh (all locations connected to all others) or hub-spoke (locations connect into lone central location) configurations.

In each case, organisations attempted to keep as many connections as possible with a single provider, therefore allowing direct (on-net) data transfer between sites, only deploying “Internet” based solutions (for example VPN’s) in locations where the primary connection provider did not have a presence (provide lines).

In the Cloud services era this requirement has evolved as most organisations are now taking one and potentially many Cloud services from at least one and in many case multiple providers.

To maintain the performance and quality of access to these Cloud services, it now means that the datacentre locations that these Cloud services are delivered from are now an intrinsic part of the overall design considerations for any multi-site office connectivity solution. These additional considerations potentially increase the connectivity challenges, as connections and inter-op between a significantly larger number of providers will be required.

Acuutech works with a range of tier 1 providers globally and we have the skill-set and capability to design and deliver these complex solutions.

Across country or continent, we know how to make sure each of your office locations have access to the Internet, each other and the datacentres delivering the Cloud services you use, across multiple network providers – as a reliable solution.