The Cloud Readiness Assessment is the fastest, easiest way to get detailed information on the state of your current system and the opportunities for cost-effective improvement of your current provision. Ensuring your business is ready to take advantage the best possible Cloud services to meet your business needs.

Differing services require defined minimum levels of Internet availability and data transfer rate. Depending on the applications hosted and functionality provider.

However, this is only the starting point. To gain the full benefit of Cloud services will probably require changes and enhancements to your IT system – such as integration with other systems, and auditing and hardening security.

A Cloud Readiness Assessment by Acuutech will deliver a comprehensive report covering all this and more.


An extremely detailed yet non-intrusive monitoring exercise using the most advanced tools will discover any weaknesses in your networks and give comprehensive, accurate measurements of the performance of data carriers. The technical rigour is extreme, but as always, the findings and their implications are explained and recommendations made and justified in clear business terms.


Acuutech’s proven test procedures ensure that all applications, including older, unusual and bespoke packages, work exactly as they should.


Anyone who has tried to take control of a number of domain names with different top-level domains registrars, registrants and renewal dates knows how frustrating it is.

Acuutech has the knowledge and contacts to take this burden away, effect seamless change of DNS records with no loss of service, and ensure your domain management setup is optimal, secure and easy to manage.


The assessment includes comprehensive vulnerability detection covering all your sites and infrastructure.