Microsoft Azure Stack HCI 21H2

20 October 2021
Azure Stack HCI 21H2, brings a wealth of new innovative capabilities:
  • Thin Provisioning can optimize your volume size, supports up to 64TB to be complaint with Refs, while providing dynamic shrink and expand trim/unmap capabilities for data volumes
  • Highly Available GPU’s, can assign whole GPU’s to a VM while now supporting clustered VM’s and automatic failover
  • CPU compatibility ,can mix  different stepping/version of same vendor processors within a cluster and support live migration within and between clusters
  • Kernel soft reboot, operational changes and CAU managed patch updates now support the reboot of the OS  without completing a full power on self-test, reducing reboots to seconds, not minutes
  • Network ATC ,reducing the complexity of networking through intents, and providing drift control
  • Secure core baseline assurance of hardware, firmware and software to defend from current and future security threats

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