Azure Stack HCI

Enhanced by Acuutech MESH


Harness power of Microsoft Azure Stack HCI, simplified, enhanced and extended by Acuutech MESH and empower your customers with the next generation of hybrid connected HCI solutions.

Empower your users

Hybird connected Azure Stack HCi, without the complexity

Easy solution design

Completely automated, remote system deployment and configuration

Support and life-cycle management

Enhances Microsoft HCI solutions built on Windows Server and Azure Stack HCI

Convert, expand, migrate and upgrade with ease

Turn key hybrid connected solutions

With Acuutech MESH deliver a suite of advanced capabilities and solutions to your customers.  Without the technical, operational or commercial complexity traditionally associated with advanced platform solutions.

Azure Stack HCI design without the complexity

Scope solutions without the technical headache and provide your customers with optimised configurations in seconds.  With Acuutech ScopeSys; design tuned AS HCI solutions that meet your customers exact requirements, get to market faster and increase your transaction rates.

Design in terms of business requirements, not component parts, with no technical knowledge of Azure Stack HCI or hardware required.

Let Acuutech ScopeSys do the design math, always updated with the latest hardware and Azure Stack HCI feature changes, it correctly calculates the optimum hardware and networking configuration for your customer needs, allowing you to focus on service, not hardware parts.

Get working faster

True fully managed planning

We all know that planning deployments is a complex activity, with many stages where problems can occur:

  • making sure all the parts arrive
  • collecting configuration information
  • planning deliveries or building access
  • integrating with existing systems

All of this before even starting to think about the technical planning and configuration of the Azure Stack System itself.

Acuutech MESH provides an integrated workflow from end-to-end; planning, information gathering and resource management.  Designed to make sure your AS HCI solutions deploy and integrate into your clients existing systems, first time, every time.

More than simply professional services or consultation, Acuutech takes care of everything, someone just needs to plug the hardware in; all delivered as part of the integrated Acuutech MESH solution bundle.

Managed automated deployment 

Fully automated deployment, from bare metal to working, validated system at the push of a button (and a USB stick).  When we say fully automated, we mean fully automated, end-to-end deployment with no human interaction or technical skills required.  Repeatable, scalable, reliable; configuring the entire platform:

  • hardware low level settings
  • networking
  • operating systems
  • AS HCI services
  • Burn-in and validation

No PowerShell scripts, no Windows setup screens, no configuration wizards, no fiddling around with switch configurations;  NO MISTAKES!

Difficulty attending deployment location.  No problem, deploy the entire system remotely, from your office or via one of our approved partners, who can even perform the entire process for you.  Then just deliver the turnkey solution to site and turn on the power.

Advanced capabilities, ready to go

Volume Replication

Easily replicate between two locations to enable fast system failover and disaster recovery.

Shielded VM

Encrypt and protect sensitive or secure VM’s, mitigating the risk of attack or threat. Removing the requirement for traditional solutions complex or costly solutions.

Software Defined Networking

Network segmentation and isolation, ideal for organisations wanting to separate tenants or business units.

Virtual Desktop

Azure hosted virtual desktop solution (Windows Virtual Desktop, WVD), supporting a wide range of VM types and configurations. Deploy any application, with support for GPU acceleration enhancing graphics or compute intensive workloads.

Track, log, report 


Isaac Newton said, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”, we like to say, “for every action, there is a detailed audit of the action”.

Who, when, where, how; every system operation, every configuration change, every premature set, recorded, logged and tracked from the millisecond it is created.  The powerful Acuutech MESH audit engines gives you complete visibility of all operations performed on-prem, hybrid and cloud performed through Acuutech MESH.

Easily gain deep inside into managed systems, track usage trends or known exactly when a specific item was changed.

With the optional billing module extend the audit system, to provide advanced change-back and billing capabilities for on-prem, Azure and Microsoft 365.  Ideal for service provides, CSP partners or clients running multiple departments or organisations on a single system.

Its powerful capabilities make it easy to create billing solutions based on almost any on-prem, Azure/M365 item or metric.  Even bundled solutions that combine elements between all three into a single commercial product.

Monitoring made simple

Telemetry, data points, log counters and 1.27 million graphs’ (oh and a requirement to be a data analytics’ expert), the traditional approach to monitoring solutions.

With Acuutech MESH we follow the key design goal; simplify.  With clear and concise information, that is intelligent and content aware.

Built to deliver the information that is important and relevant; like workload status, system health or capacity management.  Seamlessly blending the vast array of information collected between the disconnected systems; server hardware, networking, software and services, into simple to use integrated dashboards.

Of course, if you are a data scientist or don’t like things being simple, Acuutech MESH also gives you full access to the vast array of metric’s collected and historically recorded, to allow you to build advanced data visualisations of you choosing.

Hello world; cloud meets on-prem


Azure Stack HCI is hybrid ready and connected, with Acuutech MESH, easily leverage these capabilities and more with a broad suite of additional services, all delivered as fully managed turnkey solutions.

Meet your customers business objectives, from managed disaster recovery or streamlined IaaS, to powerful virtual desktop solutions and mobile device management.  With the  Acuutech MESH suite of services provide your customers with the solutions that meet their organisations needs in the hybrid, connected world.

Managed Disaster Recovery

Fully managed DR, from on-premises to the cloud.  Configuration and management of failover plans, data replication monitoring and application failover testing.

Cloud Backup

VM level backup of managed AS HCI system to the cloud, unlimited retention periods, coupled with flexible backup snapshot intervals.

Hybrid File Server

Make any file server share available over the Internet or archive rarely used files to Azure, saving local space, while still making the content available to users.

Infrastructure on Demand (IaaS)

Flexible virtual machine and infrastructure services, simplified with support for multiple deployment locations.

Platform on Demand (PaaS)

Enhance IaaS and Office 365 through support for PaaS database services and the Azure Marketplace; turnkey application templates from leading software vendors.

Virtual Desktop

Azure hosted virtual desktop solution (Windows Virtual Desktop, WVD), supporting a wide range of VM types and configurations. Deploy any application, with support for GPU acceleration enhancing graphics or compute intensive workloads.

Office 365

Full support for all Office 365 subscriptions, with migration, support and maintenance built-in.

Hyper-Converged, hybrid solutions, today, tomorrow and beyond

Renowned as global experts in Microsoft platforms and HCI, Acuutech have been building, optimising and enhancing software defined and hybrid connected infrastructure for over a decade.  With deep engineering relationships with Microsoft, Acuutech solutions are optimised for today’s products, while constantly evolving to support the next.

Simplifying, enhancing and enabling; the Acuutech services model, empowering you to easily deliver wonderful solutions to your organisation.

Life-cycle management

Provide high-performance, stable and secure systems, from day 1 to day 1095, with an integrated suite of capabilities to keep your Azure Stack HCI systems in peak performance.


Patch and update

Patch and update without the complexity, deploy validated firmware, driver and operating system updates to one or one hundred systems with ease.  Acuutech MESH automatically installs the correct updates for your systems, managing the complete update process, from end-to-end, avoiding workload contention and maintaining system availability.


Skip the complexity – new versions on-demand*

In a rapidly changing world, your customers demand the latest capabilities and features.  Validating, planning and deploying these new versions can be a complex activity.

Get the job done without the drama, through integrated version upgrades via the Acuutech MESH solution.  Automatically receive the latest major Azure Stack HCI features and version updates, each validated, tuned and deployed, without fuss and without system downtime.

* Appropriate Microsoft software upgrade license or contract required.


Expand (or contract) with a single click

Need additional storage or additional workload capacity is required?  Possibly retiring older hardware.  Do it all with ease, expand your cluster adding (or removing) nodes with a single click.

Simply plug-in the new hardware and let the MESH automation do all the hard work for you, from deploying and configuring to optimising/ balancing workloads and storage resources.

Even better, with Acuutech MESH solutions, you can support different hardware configurations (even CPU generations) in the same system.

Pricing; done simply

As you probably guessed, we like simple, so pricing is simple; Per node, all capabilities for 3-years.

No complex pricing structure, no extra fees for larger solutions or more powerful hardware.  Add the Acuutech MESH solution to your node order and everything is taken care of.

Even better, by designing the solutions in ScopeSys, all the required product, services and SKU’s are automatically included, packaged and ready for your supply chain partner or distributor.

Enhancing, not inhibiting

Improve and enhance, without constraining or limiting,  the key approach to all Acuutech MESH solutions.