Singapore Office Moving  – Due to their growth, the lack of space, the rise of rental, their geographical location, or any other reason, many  companies are moving in Singapore. If you are planning to move in the coming months, you will need to find  Office movers, Interior Designers, Renovation Contractors, Office System Furniture Suppliers, Office Removals, but did you realise that a major risk in your moving relies on the IT relocation? This is where a trusted Telecom and System integrator is so important. To help you with your IT infrastructure moving (and we are used to it) we are pleased to write a useful article with dos and don’ts of IT infrastructure moving.

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Do’s – Singapore Office Moving

  • Plan well ahead
  • Singapore has a long lead time for Enterprise IT equipment
  • Assign an internal manager dedicated for IT moving (preferably from the IT Team or your Trusted IT Service Provider)
  • Source, meet, brief, select and hire an IT & Telecom Solution Provider
  • Confirm the move in date to your IT & Telecom Provider and devise a move day packing schedule
  • Arrange a site visit of both locations with your IT & Telecom Solution Provider to review network cabling requirements
  • Liaise with your Office Moving Company so that the IT move and the office move do not have conflicting schedules
  • Contact all carriers, ISPs and technology vendors at least 75 days prior to the move and tell them when and where you are moving to


Don’t’s – Singapore Office Moving

  • Don’t use your name when labeling, tagging, and marking. Use your assigned number only. There is a risk to have computers or hard drive supports with important business information stolen.
  • Don’t expect to look up contacts, account numbers, passwords & escalation contacts during a move if unexpected situations arise.
  • Don’t believe that equipment that was working and powered down at your legacy location will boot up with configurations and data intact at the new location.
  • Don’t expect ISPs, Telco to be on time. Plan in advance and keep rooms for adjustment in your plan.
  • Don’t expect your installed cabling to be functional to specifications. Have your contractors to test and verify their work: bad cabling termination, mixed up labels on patch panels…
  • Don’t move photocopiers or printers with toner installed inside. Notify all service or lease agents that you are moving photocopier or computer equipment that is under contract.

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