Looking for a third party for your IT Support and maintenance? The clear business logic of outsourcing essential, general IT services is recognized by large enterprises across all sectors. Acuutech’s experience and achievement enable us to offer exactly the same benefits to businesses of any size. We offer highly flexible plans providing comprehensive coverage, designed to fit your needs precisely. Our unrivaled reputation has been earned by and depends on total dependability.

We are dedicated to providing IT services so have the resources to deal with any event at hand. Accessing them as and when needed is far cheaper than maintaining such a service internally. Many of our client businesses have achieved savings in excess of 90% over one year.

To provide the best and most responsive service possible, Acuutech uses a state of the art call logging system accessed via telephone or email, the latest remote support, and management technology, and highly-qualified engineers. A report of progress and status of all issues is available at any time.

Support and maintenance

The clear business logic of outsourcing holds true across many services. IT is no exception and is standard practice for large enterprises. By using a third party specialist to operate your IT infrastructure, you gain significant benefits, especially where combined with hosted provision.

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Platinum: the comprehensive ‘IT department’

People working in an organization with heavy real-time dependence on IT systems should not have to concern themselves with analyzing or categorizing problems or changing requirements. With Acuutech Platinum Support, those questions don’t arise. You can depend on us to guide you to minimize impact immediately, restore normal operation as fast as possible, and optimize performance continuously, whatever that involves: Including repairing installation, managing configuration of all hardware, peripheral availability, network and internet connectivity and software applications.

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Gold: world-class help as your system administrator

Gold support and maintenance contract is designed for organizations whose infrastructure changes infrequently but need high reliability. It places Acuutech on call to assist with hardware,  operating system, critical software applications, peripherals, and connectivity.

Silver: the help you need when minutes count

Modern IT systems are designed for efficiency and ease of use, so many business users rarely need to change installations or configurations; they just want effective help when rare unexpected events prevent their work. Silver Support from Acuutech provides rapid solutions to critical problems on demand.

Bronze: focus on servers

It’s easy to forget about a reliable, properly-configured server. That’s dangerous unless your servers are covered by Acuutech Bronze Support, which provides rapid assistance with all critical hardware and operating system issues.

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On-Premise Support

When an issue cannot be resolved by remote support alone, on-premise support gets one of our highly qualified field engineers to your site fast.

Maintenance schemes

Acuutech offers maintenance packages designed to provide the peace of mind your business needs. The Standard level includes attendance at your site within three working days, for up to 25 hours. With Premium, this is increased to 50 hours. The Enterprise level includes unlimited attendance (subject to our fair usage policy) starting within the next business day

Optionally, all packages can be upgraded to include more attendance hours, protecting against the emergence of very difficult issues requiring more assistance.

Cloud and Tailored Support

Already in the cloud or moving all or part of your servers to the cloud. Acuutech has tailored and Cloud Support contracts available on request. Which can scale up and down with your business needs and challenges

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